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Our Firm Files Suit Against Freddy’s Frozen Custard

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

For Immediate Release

Our firm has filed suit against Freddy’s Frozen Custard on behalf of United States Air Force veteran Derek Allbrook in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The lawsuit was assigned cause number 4:12-cv-00186-RC-ALM. The lawsuit makes the following allegations:

Derek Allbrook is an Iraq war veteran who was wounded in action prior to his discharge from service. Since his discharge, Mr. Allbrook was also formerly employed by Freddy’s Frozen Custard. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Allbrook was unlawfully fired because Freddy’s Frozen Custard did not wish to accommodate Mr. Allbrook’s war related disabilities and in fact fired him instead. Since then, other former employees have in fact come forward to claim that they were threatened with “blackmail” if they did not assist in manufacturing statements in an effort to make Mr. Allbrook look bad after he was terminated. These instances are documented.

Mr. Allbrook seeks all damages available to him under law, including actual damages, punitive damages, damages for mental anguish, and attorney’s fees. The lawsuit is being prosecuted by Dallas employment lawyers Casey Erick and Tom M. Thomas II of the Law Office of Erick & Thomas in Dallas, TX. They may be contacted at 214-691-6200 or reached through their website at

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