Family Law

Divorce cases in Texas can often be extremely difficult to go through. Both parties are dealing with strong emotions, and many parties have to deal with grieving children who are also caught in the mix and may be suffering. Divorce cases can be extremely complex and anyone involved in a divorce case should not trust their case to a lawyer who is not experienced in Texas divorce or family law. Our goal is to make the process as affordable and painless as possible for you and to get it over with in a timely manner so that you can go on with your life.

Legal cases that involve families or divorce can also be further confused due to other matters such as property division. When individuals who own property are divorced, Texas state law generally dictates how the property is to be divided. Contested divorce cause by disagreements over the distribution or division of individual property, child custody, child visitation rights and other topics can push couples further apart and only complicate the process and make it more expensive. Our goal is to prevent that from happening and to find an affordable resolution that you will be happy with.

We aim to make this difficult time as painless as possible for you. We often times turn to alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, early on in the process in an effort to obtain timely closure for our clients. Many contested divorce cases are resolved amicably at mediation. We’ve had good luck in getting contested divorce cases resolved early on and have been able to save our clients considerable time and money in attorney’s fees in doing so.

We also offer services to those who are already divorced but still need help. We can help you with child support, modification of child support or conservatorship, and enforcement of child support.

We handle some family law matters for up front flat fees and others on an hourly basis. We would be happy to meet with you in our office for a free consultation.

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