Wills & Probate

The reality is that we all die some day. Millions of us pass away each and every year. Some individuals have prepared a will pursuant to Texas law so that their assets will be divided as they wished, while other individuals may have never prepared a will. The heirs of individuals who die without a will must deal with a complex process in Texas probate court.

We believe that any Texan who has children, real property or investment assets should create a will so that their assets can be divided as they wish upon their death. Individuals who do not have any type of will prepared at the time of their death will have their assets distributed according to the procedures of the state – a process that can cause absolute havoc amongst family members and also create unexpected tax liabilities. We have a practice area dedicated completely to Texas wills and probate. We can meet with you and visit about your situation and your desires.

It might be that creating a trust could be in your best interest. A trust is a legal entity that can hold assets such as primary or vacation homes, investment accounts, vehicles and other items that an individual or married couple might own. Items that are owned by a trust are also usually well protected from creditors. Beneficiaries of the trust are chosen by the creator of the trust. Individuals who are a beneficiary and their heirs usually (though not always) receive the contents of the trust after the trust is dissolved and the applicable conditions of transfer are completed.

Regardless of your situation, we believe that anyone who has property, children, investments or any assets that are worth a significant amount of money should consider having a lawyer draw up a will and complete an estate plan. While it may seem morbid to consider your own death, it is better to be prepared than to die unexpectedly and unprepared.

We charge set flat fees for our estate planning services and the consultation is free.

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