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Employment Law & Civil Rights

While private employers in Texas may have the right to choose who they hire for certain jobs, employees have rights in the workplace in Texas as well. There are several items that employers cannot use to discriminate against their employees. Employers cannot discriminate against their employees based upon age, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. While many employers may still violate their employees’ rights by refusing them promotions, transfers or firing them, it is still a violation of the rights of the employee. Any employee who feels that they are being discriminated against in the workplace should contact our office immediately. There are federal and state laws that protect workers from discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on these criteria. Any employer who commits or allows employees to commit these acts of discrimination may be fined and found liable in a Texas civil court.

Sexual harassment is another major issue in employment rights. Many individuals feel that they are sexually harassed in the workplace. Sexual harassment can vary in nature. Sometimes individuals can feel that they are being touched inappropriately. Other cases of sexual harassment may be that individuals feel that something is being said that makes them feel uncomfortable. Individuals need to be extremely careful in the workplace to ensure that they respect the feelings and emotions of others. Jokes should not be made that could be construed as inappropriate. Making gestures that are rude or explicit can also be seen as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also vary by culture. Workers should simply be aware of their surroundings and attempt not to offend any of their coworkers with their actions.

Texas is an at-will employment state. However, this does not allow employers to arbitrarily fire employees for illegal reasons. For example, employees cannot be fired for reporting a violation of federal law, reporting a health care violation, refusing to commit a crime or filing a discrimination/sexual harassment/worker compensation claim against the company. Some of these actions could be considered whistle blower actions and are protected under federal law. Individuals who believe they were fired for any of these reasons may have a legitimate case and should contact us as soon as possible.

We offer free consultations and take certain employment-related cases on a contingency fee basis.

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