We File Suit After Unlicensed Doctor Performs Plastic Surgery

July 26th, 2012

For Immediate Release

Our firm has filed suit against Molina Medical Clinic and Dr. Hector Oscar Molina on behalf of our client, Ms. Sonia Gonzalez. The lawsuit was filed in the Dallas County Court at Law No. 3 and was assigned cause number CC-12-02347-C. The lawsuit makes the following allegations:

Ms. Gonzalez, the Plaintiff, was a former patient of the Molina Medical Clinic located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The Molina Medical Clinic sold the Plaintiff a complex and sophisticated plastic surgery package. When Ms. Gonzalez arrived at the Molina Medical Clinic for pre-surgey consultation, which was arranged completely by the clinic, she was introduced to somebody that the clinic called Dr. Eduarado Breton, M.D. “Dr. Breton” was represented to be a fully credentialed plastic surgeon legally capable of performing plastic surgery in Texas. The fee for the surgery was paid entirely and directly to the Molina Medical Clinic. “Dr. Breton” then performed hours of complex surgery on the Plaintiff under anesthetic at the Molina Medical Clinic.

As it turns out, “Dr. Breton” is in fact not even a physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States of America, and the omission shows in the medical malpractice performed by the Defendants. The Plaintiff has alleged that the Defendants have committed medical malpractice and assault and battery. “Dr. Breton” has apparently since fled back to Mexico.

Ms. Gonzalez seeks all damages available to her under law, including actual damages, punitive damages, and damages for mental anguish. The lawsuit is being brought by Dallas employment attorneys Tom M. Thomas II and Casey Erick of the Law Office of Erick & Thomas in Dallas, TX. They may be contacted at 214-691-6200 or reached through their website at http://www.DallasEmploymentAttorney.net/.

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