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Consumer Construction Law

We help people file claims against contractors under the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act. Few consumers make as large of an investment as they do in their real estate property. Many individuals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their home. This is to ensure that they have a house that they want to live in for many years to come. However, while individuals may purchase the real estate property of their dreams, some individuals may have problems when they hire a contractor to work on their property.

One of the most common problems with either a home or business property is that a construction contractor fails to do their job. There are many legitimate contractors who will work on a project until it is completed. These contractors will not rest until their customer is happy with the end result. However, some construction companies do not want to spend the time and money in order to complete the job properly. They would rather receive a customer’s money and complete as little work as possible. These companies end up finding themselves in court after consumers learn about consumer construction law.

Every individual should have a construction project completed to the proper specifications the first time. However, when many construction companies work on a project they are more worried about profit than doing the job correctly. Thankfully, Texas provides a number of consumer construction laws and regulations that allow these companies to be taken to court. Texas law also provides for certain implied warranties. These are warranties that do not have to be specifically stated in a legal contract. The idea is that the paid for construction should work properly for the specified use for a reasonable period of time.

Some common Texas consumer construction law cases include construction defects, foundation claims, mold claims, water penetration, code violations, safety defects and many more. Any structure that does not meet code may not be approved for occupation by building inspectors. Should this building be rented out to tenants, the owner of the building may be able to recover the costs of their lost income from the construction company. There are many other cases where individuals can be paid additional damages if they have been unable to occupy their home, had emotional or medical damages, or otherwise have been victimized and need a Texas construction attorney.

If you feel that you have a case, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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