25Nov 2014

Eight Things You Can Do to Help Your Personal Injury Attorney Get the Best Result in Your Case

While you may think that you have accomplished your job by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, you should know that the outcome of your case is not entirely dependent on your attorney. Read the following eight factors that may affect your case for better or worse. These factors can… [ READ MORE ]

4Nov 2014

Noncompete Agreements

Noncompete clauses in employment contracts were once reserved for high-level employees and those with special knowledge; for example, workers at technology or computer companies. Not anymore. A Dallas noncompete agreement lawyer reports that such agreements are becoming more and more commonplace in every type of business, such as hair salons,… [ READ MORE ]

24Oct 2014

Wage and Overtime Claims

Texas has few laws regarding employment compensation concerning wages and overtime pay. Instead, by statute, Texas has adopted the standards set forth under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Although many employers fail to comply with the law in the manner in which they pay their employees, a Dallas… [ READ MORE ]

21Oct 2014

Ways to Minimize Risks during a Deposition

As a Dallas employment attorney will tell you, your deposition is a very important part of your case. You may be concerned about hurting your case by making a mistake during your deposition. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of hurting your case, such… [ READ MORE ]

7Oct 2014

How to Deal with an Unfavorable Police Report following Your Car Accident

If you were in a car accident and are not happy with what you find in the police report, Dallas TX auto accident attorneys can help. If the police report of your car accident backs up your side of the story, then it can be a helpful piece of evidence.… [ READ MORE ]

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