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Forming a business in Texas can be an exciting process. However, the legal paperwork as well as the numerous steps that are required can tire out your average entrepreneur. Our office has a practice area dedicated specifically to setting up Texas business entities, and we generally charge affordable up front flat fees to do so.

The first step that any individual needs to take when going through the business formation process is determining the form of business they want to start. Traditional “C” corporations are probably the most popular type of formal business structure in Texas – at least for larger businesses. However, there are other options to consider as well. Limited liability partnerships, limited liability corporations, S corporations, and several other more complex options are also available. Individuals who are starting a business may not understand which structure they should choose. There are many business structures and we can assist you in finding the business structure that will work best for your day to day operations and for tax purposes as well.

Setting up the legal operations of a Texas business entity can be a time consuming process. We can save you the time and advise you as to your options. As your business grows, we can assist you and guide you and do our best to ensure that your business structure is designed and maintained in such a fashion as to provide maximum protection for your assets.

We also believe that every business entity should maintain legal counsel for assistance and guidance when times are tough. We make ourselves available to assist our clients with whatever problems they need solved. Individuals need to focus on growing their business so that they are able to be successful. New business owners should not have to worry about the many issues that pertain to legal matters, especially those that they may be inexperienced with. That’s where we come in. And as your business grows, our goal is to grow with you and to develop a long term relationship that caters to all of your business’ legal needs.

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