Tom went to the Texas Tech University School of Business and graduated from Baylor Law School in just 27 months. He is also a former Dallas Police Officer who spent countless hours patrolling the streets of South Dallas and inside the Dallas County criminal courthouse as a witness testifying against Defendants in criminal cases. As a police officer, Tom made 328 custodial arrests, including the single-handed capture of multiple murder suspects, drug dealers, aggravated burglary suspects, and numerous other dangerous felons. He was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Merit by the Dallas Police Department and also received numerous accommodations for dedication to duty. Tom received an honorable discharge when he left the department to practice law full time.

Prior to attending law school, Tom also worked as a financial consultant for a Fortune 500 investment bank and also for a “Big Five” accounting firm. Tom and his wife live and work in Dallas with their daughters. Tom’s practice consists of cases involving the protection of individual rights throughout the state of Texas. All Texas cases will be considered regardless of location, subject to an appropriate fee arrangement.

Reported trial victories upheld on appeal:

American Title Co. v. BOMAC Mortgage Holdings, L.P., 196 S.W.3d 903, (Tex. App. -- Dallas 2006, no pet.).

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